In a little tower of a farmhouse, along a French canal, built of stone and brick in 1724, I found an old bronze statue of a  girl returning from the fields, her apron of flowers tucked into her bodice, a pitchfork slung over her polished shoulder. I dubbed her Marianne, a sort of 19th Century Barbie doll. She was sculpted by Henri Desire Grisard around the fin de siecle, titled “aux Champs” and sports a little round button that says Paris, Fabrication Francaise, & Made in France.

Marianne, the quintessential French Maiden, has been used on top of pillars, on La Poste stamps, 100 Francs notes (remember those?) and immortalized by Delacroix since the French revolution. She is our muse, our souvenir of a more graceful time. She is the Maiden France.

And although she is NOT for sale, everything else you will see here is. For more information about how to bring a little French charm into your life, click over to my Etsy Vintage store here.