What's in a Name?

I love living in France,and one of my favorite things to do is to go to local weekend Vide Greniers/Flea Markets. I specialize in finding great Vintage kitchen items for my Maiden France Vintage Shop on ETSY.COM. Here is a recent photo of my collection of Vintage French Cleavers, each with such unique “personality” that I gave them all names. I am a Virgo, so decided to name them Alphabetically… Alphonse, Bruno, Etc.

Alphonse got his name because I noticed the initials “AOR” and the number “1” stamped on the side of the heavy forged iron chopping blade. So I thought of a big burly French butcher holding his favorite, “number 1” Cleaver….and “Alphonse” popped into my head.

It is the name of one of my favorite French writers: Alphonse Daudet  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphonse_Daudet . To find out a little more about the other names of these unique Vintage Cleavers, please visit my Etsy.Com Shop (Link Below) and “Meat” the boys!